Us3 ⁄⁄ Never Go Back

Yet another music video production for Us3 featuring KCB and Tukka from the forthcoming album The Third Way (Hand On The Torch Vol II).

We had a blast filming this music video in a London studio — The set was the perfect backdrop for this fun, high-energy, and colourful track.

Editing the video in Premiere was a fun challenge, and we’re really happy with the final result. We used time remapping to create some cool colour grading effects, and we think it turned out great!

Hip-hop is all about having fun and being creative, and we feel like this video really captures that spirit.

Thanks for watching!

“Never Go Back” was the third video I’ve made with Scott and I think it’s the best one. With limited resources, a few musicians, a couple of dancers and a handful of kids they pulled together a quirky representation of the track. It was a mad day filming, everyone was wondering if it would work, but their masterful editing made total sense of the whole thing. Very happy yet again, I would highly recommend Motion Videos UK.

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