ITM Power ⁄⁄ The Secret of PEM Electrolysis

Green hydrogen - ever wondered how it's made?

In this 3D animation we produced for ITM Power you will discover how their PEM electrolysers use renewable electricity to split water into hydrogen and oxygen, to create green hydrogen and then what it’s used for.

We ventured into the new world of Stardust – a powerful 3D particle system built for After Effects, which was a pivotal experience not only for the MotionVideos® pipeline but for future 3D video-production too, and it’s been a blast working with ITM Power once more.

Scott was a delight to work with. He was receptive to the brief and creative direction, whilst also contributing his own ideas and sharing his vast industry experience. Throughout the project, he provided excellent levels of communication, updating where he was, what he was due to start next, as well as providing samples and insights of the work produced thus far. The end product - a short animated video - was exemplary. Scott went above and beyond, producing visually engaging, dynamic, and slick, modern content that is perfectly suited for social media, advertising and more. I would work with him again in a heartbeat.

Dominic Cuthbert, Content Creation Specialist, ITM Power

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