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MotionVideos design and produce 2D and 3D motion graphics that thrill and excite audiences.

Whether you’re looking for motion graphics for social media, a promo video or an entire video marketing campaign, we make motion graphics that connect viewers, add depth to stories and move people in magnificent ways.

MotionVideos is the No.1 choice for many creative agencies across Manchester, having worked on some of the most successful 2D & 3D motion graphics work, increasing conversions and viewer engagement across Manchester, London, and the entire UK.

Treating every client with care, attention, and respect, we get the job done on time, on budget, and with skill. Get in touch if this sounds like something you’ve missed out on.

Selected motion graphics work from our extensive portfolio

Motion graphics are the heart and soul of video marketing—bringing your ideas to life, and giving your audience a reason to believe in you.

– Scott Green, Founder, Motion Videos UK

Frequently asked questions ↓

They are an animated form of visual communication. Used in digital media videos and designed to engage people, share information and enhance stories.

Motion graphics are a type of design that changes appearance over time. First, imagery, graphics and designs are created. Then, they’re made to move using animation. Therefore, they are more successful at delivering messages than static graphics or words.

They’re a powerful tool for engaging people, sharing information and telling stories. Motion graphic production requires skilled motion designers to transform graphics and text into exciting and memorable visuals.

MotionVideos is a highly recommended video production agency that lives and breathes motion graphic design. We love to help brands reach new heights and achieve their goals. Our video production service makes content that reflects your brand and speaks to your audience with meaning and personality.

2D and 3D motion graphics are produced using software operated by motion designers.

Many agencies trust our After Effects, Premiere Pro, and Cinema 4D experience to produce motion graphics of the highest standard. Marketing companies, TV stations, and small brands also benefit from video production services like MotionVideos to effectively tell their stories.

Our motion skills set us apart from any other motion graphics agency in Manchester. It helps us create successful, award-winning motion graphics for small and large companies. We use the latest technology and techniques to ensure your videos convey the charm you’ve been looking for.

In conclusion, The video production process for making motion graphics can vary depending on the project. However, a few key steps are involved in every one of our productions.

Firstly, the client provides a brief, scripts, storyboards, visual references or other guidance. We must be clear on what we’re making and who it’s aimed at before production begins.

Next, we create or capture the assets required for the video and produce a draft. Then, we start working on the final version once the client approves the draft.

Finally, all the assets are animated with sound using our video editing skills and creative flair. Then after a few tweaks, the finished product is delivered.

In Manchester, motion graphics are everywhere: digital advertising, in-store apps, videos and other interfaces around the city.

Companies use them in short visuals that promote their products or services. In addition, many website, app and game developers use them to create user-friendly interfaces.

2D and 3D motion graphics in Manchester and across the UK are a part of our everyday lives. Film titles, TV commercials, social media videos, web applications, and explainer videos all use motion graphics.

In addition, today’s mobile devices, smartwatches and vehicles we drive also use them for their interfaces. As the demand for engaging content grows, motion graphics will likely continue to be used in various settings.

Of course, some of them stand out more than others. But, above all, the best motion graphics examples this year are timeless and memorable.

MotionVideos is the best motion graphics production company in Manchester, if not the UK, but here are some other great examples.



This product video production by MotionVideos is designed to grab the attention of prospects attending international hairstyling trade shows. Designed with an Apple-esque quality about it and in ten different languages, they created a fast-paced product reveal video that was sure to turn heads at the show.



Here, Frame used motion graphics to give the sensation of speed, flow, lightness and flexibility. It was created to give visitors something fun to watch while they shopped at Under Armour’s new flagship store.



In this corporate video production, Giant Ant used 3D animation for Slack to add fun and enjoyment.



PlusOne helped Edge to improve its brand voice in its efforts to change carbon emissions in the construction sector.



Inspired by Joy Division’s ‘Unknown Pleasures’ album cover, football and music were brought together by Kim Taylor.

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