An animated explainer animation for Audiens in collaboration with Bravo Creative — a marketing agency that's easy to work with.

Audiens’ customer data platform is incredibly user-friendly, making it easy to work with. This simplicity is one of its greatest strengths, as it allows businesses to focus on more important tasks rather than getting bogged down in complicated software.

Furthermore, the platform’s intuitive design and comprehensive features ensure that users can make the most of their customer data, using it to drive better business results. Whether you are a small startup or a large enterprise, Audiens‘ customer data platform can help you unlock the full potential of your customer data, enabling you to better understand your audience and drive growth.

Bravo Creative, a digital marketing agency with extensive experience in creating effective marketing campaigns, approached us with a well-thought-out plan for a product explainer animation.

With a detailed script, expertly-crafted voiceover, and precise storyboards in hand, we were tasked with bringing their vision to life using branded video content and 2D character animation.

Working with a seasoned marketing brand like Bravo is a seamless experience, and the results are consistently successful, meeting the highest standards the first time and every time.

Our collaboration with Bravo allowed us to focus on the technical aspects of the project, bringing their creative vision to fruition with precision and attention to detail. The final product, a vibrant and engaging explainer animation, was a testament to the effectiveness of a collaboration between a talented video marketing agency and a Manchester video production studio.

Their creativity and expertise combined to turn around this brilliant animation and meet an otherwise impossible deadline. I’m impressed… and so is the client.

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