Baz Richardson’s video testimonial

Influencers, it would seem, aren't just celebrity types and people with a gazillion followers on Instagram yapping about nothing for the sake of likes and retweets.

In September 2019, I was introduced to a guy from Cambridge by a good friend, Paul Mayor. He needed help with some animation work for one of his medical clients. Unfortunately, we didn’t hit it off straight away. Chances were I didn’t make a great first impression, and I wouldn’t hear from him again.

July 2020 → He was back in my inbox and wanted to collaborate on a character animation project, then something clicked. How we worked together to solve problems on that particular project and came up with ideas to improve the visual journey was nothing short of amazing. For me, it was a breath of fresh air.

It got me thinking, “This is the kind of guy I’d love to work with every day.” Geographically that was impossible. But a year on, we chat regularly about work, family life, and the latest whisky we’ve sampled.

What I like the most about him (besides his amusing analogies) is his willingness to share his expertise and kick me up the arse when I’m having doubts about my abilities. Also, he wrote a script for my Greater Manchester Business Awards video off his own back, for which I’m forever grateful.

Indeed, I became a bit of a stalker, absorbing everything he had to say and liking everything he shared. So, when he said, “Everyone should have this ‘Lemon’ book in their lives”, naturally, I forked out the £50 to get it. Because if it’s good enough for him, then it’s good enough for me (even if I have still only read the first page). And if he told me to jump off a bridge, sure, why not? I’d probably do that too!

So thank you, Baz Richardson of Bravo Creative for your kind words, for influencing me, your fans, and for being a down-right top bloke!

Here’s to another year of being friends until we meet in person. Cheers!

Their creativity and expertise combined to turn around this brilliant animation and meet an otherwise impossible deadline. I’m impressed… and so is the client.

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