Slipz & Dapz ft. Spyda ⁄⁄ Balaclava

A sinister and edgy drum and bass music video production.

The music video for Slipz & Dapz’s “Balaclava” features some stunning production values. displacement effects are heavily used throughout, giving the video a surreal edge. The dark colour grading gives the video a sinister feel, while the graphics add an extra layer of visual interest. The end result is a visually arresting music video that perfectly compliments the tune.

On top of that, the music video also featured Spyda — one of the most talented and versatile MCs in the game. He can flow over any type of beat, and his rhymes are always on point. He’s also a great performer, and he always gets the crowd pumped up. Whether he’s dropping a hot freestyle or performing one of his hit songs, Spyda always brings the heat. If you’re looking for an MC who can keep the party going all night long, then Spyda is your man.

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