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Amy Winehouse was a soulful singer with a unique voice that captured the hearts of fans all over the world.

Her lyrics were often raw and personal, reflecting her own struggles with addiction and relationships.

Her lyrics videos had a penchant for typography, and many of her music videos featured creative use of text to convey her lyrics in a visually engaging way.

For example, the video for “Back to Black” features a stark black-and-white backdrop with large white letters that slowly reveal the lyrics of the song.

In contrast, the video for “Just Friends” is playful and colourful, with a handwritten font that conveys the lightheartedness of the song.

And in the video for “Rehab,” typography is used to create a sense of chaos and confusion, mirroring the mental state of someone struggling with addiction.

Throughout her career, Amy Winehouse used typography in interesting and innovative ways to bring her lyrics to life.

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